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We can transform your garden by adding a beautiful patio, amazing cobblestone and elegant retaining walls.

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If you want your residential property to look beautiful, trust Ayala Landscaping for all your hardscaping and gardening needs.

We can transform your garden into what you always wanted, add masterful retaining walls and impeccable pavers to make your home look spectacular.

Within our Hardscaping services we have:


If you love spending time enjoying the outdoors in your home, we can design and create a beautiful new patio. We offer patios made with precious cobblestones in a wide variety of colors, shapes and designs.

Retaining walls

walls can be used together with other drainage solutions to keep your garden properly watered and your home dry. The retaining walls are a surprising addition to the landscape around your home and can be used to add additional flowers or plants. Retaining walls are also a flexible solution for homeowners looking for a little more privacy in their backyard.


Commercial Paving

Our work team has the right tools and personnel to carry out all types of commercial and subcontractor projects.


working on commercial projects!

Our portfolio includes paving, maintenance and repair projects for:

Shopping Malls



Independent Businesses

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Crack Sealing - Maintenance & Repairs

Over time, asphalt and concrete are damaged by rain, sun, and snow, causing noticeable cracks. These cracks have to be sealed in time in order to prevent further damage and additional repair costs.

With our service of crack sealing, maintenance & repairs, one of our experts will visit your property, and will give you the correct advice so that you can make the best decision.

Maintenance &

For this service, there is no one better than our team. From leveling and paving the entrance of your home, to filling-in the cracks or replacing the surface of your driveway or commercial property.

Within our services you can find:

Repairing and resurfacing of asphalt surfaces

Extensions for additional parking



The fact that the entrance of your home is practical does not mean it has to be boring. We can install concrete or paved entrances to meet your needs, without worrying about the size or shape.


Exterior design

Many of our landscape plantation customers also take advantage of our landscaping services. Landscape design is a complex process that goes far beyond planting a tree or some flowers. It is essential to have the experience to know what type of soil/fertilizer to use, and in what season to use it.

Landscape Installation

Once the design and plants are finished, our garden workers will begin the installation process. We will begin preparing your garden as necessary, including altering the composition of your soil, leveling or adding drainage, and eliminating waste from the garden.

Once the yard is ready, we will begin to install the plant material according to the design of your landscape.

If you want to add diversity to your landscape, the Ayala Landscaping team of experts can help you!

We have more than 15 years of experience selecting and installing the best vegetative material for landscapes throughout Woodbridge, VA and the surrounding areas.


We have a team trained in garden plantations and landscape design, which will advise you and help you make decisions so that your garden looks as you always wanted! We also create a healthy and prosperous ecosystem for you and your family. For this reason, we evaluate your space to adapt our ideas together with yours and achieve harmony. This process includes a site evaluation process, soil testing, and installation of new drainage systems on your property.

We are proud to complete all our garden planting projects on time and within the planned budget.

Landscape Maintenance

Gardens and plantations of the highest quality will need regular maintenance to preserve their premium condition. Our landscape staff is dedicated to keeping your garden looking fantastic for years to come, and our landscape maintenance services are an extension of this philosophy. We offer maintenance services that include seasonal maintenance, regular maintenance, and any other additional services you need.


Ayala Landscaping delivers unparalleled quality in landscape design, construction, and care. Our highly trained craftsmen will ensure that your landscape provides you with a lifetime of beauty and value.

Established in 2000.
We are an experienced and landscape, and maintenance company that has served the Northern Virginia region since 2000. Although we are a full-service firm that can handle any landscaping need, we specialize in relationships.

We work with our customers from the planning stage throughout construction, and then dedicate ourselves to maintaining our work at a high level, which our clients can then appreciate for years to come. Our goal is to provide services that leave our customers with a desire to refer us to their family and friends.

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